Hello, I’m Simon Almeida, a Lisbon-based designer. For both national and international brands and agencies, I take on the entire process of concept, design and execution of quality visual content. I work hard, dedicated, with love and drive. I have a relentless urge to create, to push the envelope. I strive to deliver relevant work that tells compelling stories and changes perspectives, whether it’s a product visualization or a brand… a film presentation… or… and…

 The man behind the madness
I’ve start in this wonderful world of design out of the love for brand design and visual effects. As a fanatic and with an enormous will for knowledge I combine out-of-the-box creativity with honest craftsmanship. As every assignment gives me new possibilities to make a difference and to achieve higher.
I never have the answer but together we create the solution.
When I’m not on my studio you can find me enjoying movies, practicing rock climbing, probably jogging, sketching on my handbook and enjoying life with my wife, kids and my energetic Portuguese water dog.
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