I started this project with some basic draughts on a white paper while listening to B.B King and Eric Clapton music. I was driven by the flow of the sounds and rhythm and so the drawing grow very natural in my hand.
Few weekends later I’ve challenge the team (The Flying Man team) to make the drawings real, not just for the fun but also to keep the team busy J. We began to choose some papers, some mixtures of colors and cutting them until we have the final result. With some pins and red string we finish the work and glued everything together on a pale cardboard paper. We put it on a white frame and here is the result.
I'm just kiding... this was made 100% in 3d and we did not cut or glowed anything.
We have more concepts (and more white space in the wall) in mind and we hope to develop soon. We’ll keep updating.
The basic drawing
The preparation

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